To tell who we are, what we do and the way we do it, we have chosen bees. A community made up of organization, relationship and reciprocity, able to create value through the process of transformation, a reduction of multiplicity, the simplification of complexity. From many flowers, one honey. Pollen and exchange. Reproduction of originals. Creation of identity. Inarea is above all, a network of people, an open community, founded on respect for our mutual independence, the valorization of individual skills. An airy and industrious colony, busy with an important design: to bring to life each time a new story.
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2010 -2015
Inarea Identity and Design Network is an independent, international network of designers, architects, strategists and consultants specialized in the creation and management of identity systems. Inarea proposes a structured process to add value to the performance of its clients in defining their identity. Identity of organizations: businesses, and groups, as well as communities and institutions. Identity of places: cities, regions, or in a completely different scale, of workplaces, resorts, public and commercial spaces. Identity of things material and immaterial: products, services and their packaging. The network is coordinated by twenty-two partners with a staff of over one hundred people distributed in ten offices in eight countries. The two head offices are located in Italy, with the headquarter in Rome, Inarea Strategic Design srl, and Inarea Identity Architecture srl, in Milan.
Strategic Design
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