World blood donor day

‘Thank you for saving my life’. This is the message of the 2015 World Blood Donor Day convened by the World Health Organization, which is celebrated since 2004 every June 14t, on the birth date of Karl Landsteiner, who discovered the blood groups. On the occasion, the Gemelli Teaching Hospital, in collaboration with the Association of Blood Donor Group ‘F. Olgiati ‘, launches the second phase of the communication campaign.

Inarea has designed the entire communication program and, for this second phase, created a video that plays with the concept of grouping/blood groups: team up to save lives. The messages ‘Participating? Supporting? It’s in my blood’ (an Italian way to say that someone has a flair for something – in this very case, the flair for helping other people) follow and integrate the previous ones, giving a sense of aggregation and involvement, particularly from those donors who are the testimonials of the campaign.