When giving blood is an authentic gift

The shortage of blood in the Latium region led the Association of Blood Donors ‘F. Olgiati’ and the Gemelli Teaching Hospital to give way to an outreach action.
Inarea created the subsequent communication campaign, that relies on the concept of ‘knowing/recognizing’, and focuses on the involvement of the people that everyday visit the Hospital.
The message is built on the immediacy of the photographs, associated with questions such as ‘Donate?’, ‘Support?’ … The answer is always ‘it’s in my blood’, an Italian way to say that someone has a flair for something -– in this very case, the flair to help the others.
The payoff ‘saving a life is easier than what you may think’ is used to emphasize the importance of such a simple and essential act.
Real donors -– the personnel of the Hospital and common people –- are the testimonials of the campaign, to highlight the authenticity of such a noble gesture. And their enthusiasm has already been contagious for all those who took part in the realization of the work. The hope is that, from March onwards, until the end of the year, that same enthusiasm will also reach as much people as possible.