The sistine chapel twenty years later: new breath new light

Since the past 450 years from Michelangelo’¬ís death and 20 years since the end of the last famous restoration, the Vatican Museums have organised an international Congress (Rome, 30th-31st October 2014) about the conditions of the frescoes and the methods and tools adopted for a better preservation and fruition.
Inarea signs the identity of the event by creating a special symbol: the pictures of the rib vault of the ‘cappella magna’ (the chapel hall) take form within the shape of a ‘diaphragm’.
The technological eye of a lens shows such a range of colors and shapes that recall the charm of the place, in a dynamic composition which refers to both the light and the air movement. A sort of virtual focus through which the technical interventions and the results of this important scientific and technological work lasted three years are highlighted.