The restaurant ‘splendor parthenopes’ is now born in rome

There are places that retain memories, places settled in the popular imagination because they evoke a particular atmosphere, a history, places with a soul. Splendor Parthenopes took place into the spaces occupied for fifty years by “”I Professionisti””, a historical bar for the Romans. Located in via Vittoria Colonna, near Piazza Cavour.
Inarea was responsible of the brand identity, the development of the website and the press office, in collaboration with Equa. The design process, including the identification of values and the language system, has taken the form of a story.
The myth of the mermaid Parthenope fits perfectly with the desire to bring to the surface, from the Neapolitan tradition, the legacy of flavors and fine fragrances. The ‘S’ of Splendor represents the mythical mermaid. The line is soft and lightweight, curves and roundness are modeled to balance elegance and appeal. We’’ve been inspired by Classicism and Art Nouveau. It makes you think the Pre-Raphaelite paintings, representations of beautiful and seductive women.
This is an amphibious trademark: from the scent of the Bay of Naples, to the well-rounded women of its land. It is a brand that is constantly evolving, able to changing skin, depending on the environment and its context. The mermaid reinterprets the traditional Neapolitan culture through an ironic and playful language. The polymorphism of the brand follows the architectural eclecticism of the restaurant.
Architecture, design and imagination are discussed together in a space where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.