The new brand for the “secondo polo turistico” of rome

Another Rome is born. Soon the Capital’s touristic department will extend its offer to become a city more contemporary, enriched by its extraordinary past. “Nuvola” of Fuksas, “Palazzo della Civiltà”, “Mediterraneum Acquario Museum”, “Golf District”, “Zoomarine” will give to Rome a new image, where art and culture, past and present are merged together to increase the range of different reasons to visit the City and outstay.
For the project “Secondo Polo” we designed the brand identity and defined its claim. The brand is the number “two” written with Roman numerals. It’s a versatile and polysemic symbol which can be declined, both visually and textually, in a myriad of different contexts. Besides, it can suggest further perceptions, as for example a door to walk through, a metaphor of a newborn Rome. From “door to portal”, according to these digital times. A multiple structure with new spaces able to meet even the current desire to go away.
The claim is “Rome is more”, a juxtaposition of words that are the anagram of each other. The statement expresses clearly and immediately the number of attractions (synthesized by the word “more”) that the capital City offers to its visitors and not often known worldwide. An area more dynamic, more comfortable, more playful, more entertaining, more surprising. After all, Rome is Rome, or better Rome is more.