The new acea public hall

The Acea Public Hall is a distinctive feature of the company, both in terms of services and responsiveness to the citizens’ needs and for its good reputation. The Public Hall represents a fundamental point of contact with the brandÂ’s target, a place to meet the clients and all the roman citizens.The basic elements of the new Acea identity system also drive the architectural project, from the institutional palette to the symbolic use of colors: blue for the water services, yellow for the energy ones.The existing structure of the counters has been completely covered with a white molded panel system to give an impression of neatness and simplicity. The big cast iron ticket counter still remains at the center of the hall, to respect so the historic structure that houses the complex. A system of colored bands on the floor allows a clear and direct delimitation of spaces: the horizontal signs is perfectly integrated with the vertical one, from totems to noticeboards.The final result is a big room able to receive the clients according to criteria of rationality and welcomeness.