The new ac milan has a new home

It’s not a new brand. It is the new AC Milan… and it is a fan of Inarea.

The new headquarter opens its doors and it seems already to write the future history of the company: offices, museum, restaurant, store, a meeting point for fans, it is a place open to the city and to the world.
These are the meanings and the messages of ‘Casa Milan’. The symbol is simple and straightforward: a sphere, consisting of red and black vertical stripes that recall unequivocally the team’s jersey. The idea represents the desire to embody the new Milan ‘universe’, beyond football, to propose it under one single sign. In this context, Inarea has also created a family of typefaces, Milan Type, to enhance every aspect of the new identity: Casa Milan, Mondo Milan, Cucina Milanello and Milan Store represent the first examples of application of the new¬†font.