The energy mind

Enel Smart Grid Lab in Milan -– at the heart of Enel Distribuzione -– is a centre of technological excellence, controlling the entire Italian electricity grid. Inarea developed the name, the communication concept, the signage and the design for the product presentation. The entire project was realized in partnership with Iniziative, an Italian company that is responsible for organizing major events since 1992.
The ‘network’ concept was driving the design process for communication and architectural choices. A network of which we could imagine right away the need for a new semantics, away from the usual vision of energy transmitting wires and cables. We defined the idea of ‘network’ not only as an engine of economic and social development, but also as a vehicle for new ways of relationships between people, just like a place to exchange information, services, and emotions.
Visitors to the Enel Smart Grid Lab will be able to breath in that sense of power, as well as its symbolic value as heart and soul of a real energy network.