The all energy network

Having a retail section means first and foremost for a company to build relationships with people. The ‘Punto Enel’ shops were created to cherish relationships and to reinforce the company’s values with a culture of enterprise. The impetus to the renewal arises from the design of the new offer ‘Enel Green Solutions’, a product and service line designed for energy saving and energy efficiency. From naming concepts and the visual language up to the architecture of the spaces -– we have been looking after Enel’s entire retail network, including the network for retail partners. Enel is aiming at a closer customer engagement through the ability to offer immediate and effective solutions. ‘Green thinking’ means getting in tune with the latest global consumer trends, which are dominated by the respect for the environment and convenience, simplicity and technology. The design and visual style are based on very clean and bold graphics, and also on the choice of contemporary materials. The classic Enel’s corporate colours – white, blue and orange – were complemented by significant green elements. Part of the communication program is a dynamic, new language that provides answers and solutions to its clients, focusing on quality, transparency and the future. The icon of the ‘smart light bulb’ helps to create a playful and ironic communication mood: the ‘green revolution with a smile’.