Snam: values networks

While designing the brand that drives the new identity system of Snam (a major player in Europe in the gas sector), we choose to create a symbol able to describe the present and, at the same time, enhance the extraordinary tradition of Snam.We started from a new interpretation of the historical brand of the Società Nazionale Metano (National Methane Society) dated 1941. The result is a fresh and contemporary sign, able to hint ancient suggestions related to the history of the Group and its independent identity.The reference of the Snam’s historic ‘40s brand starts from the study of the lettering and sign proportions, which gave birth to the new «Snam logo». A first reading gives reference to the infrastructure networks, typical of the Snam’s activities; at a deeper level, the brand evokes the idea of network which results in the values of reliability, expertise and substantiality owned by the new brand identity. The sign tells about a new Snam, focused on the relationship between individual, society and environment.The circular shape, reference of the historic trademark, is deeply contemporary, thanks to the revival of ‘compact’ regular-shaped brands, due to their digital employment. The new brand is a sign able to integrate hybrid realities, represented through a uniform and coherent language.