Snam awarded the 2014 oscar di bilancio

On December 1st Snam received the award ‘Oscar di Bilancio 2014’ (Financial Report Award) organized by FERPI, the Italian Public Relations Association.
The 2013 Snam Financial Report uses a system of representation strongly focused on the mission of the Group. The network of Snam crosses the entire Italy, silent and invisible, always respecting and safeguarding its landscapes, both environmental and human. Snam is involved in a sustainable growth model that shares with the communities and territories in which the Group operates. Close to places and to those who live there, Snam respects their geographical, environmental and human specificity.
The network of Snam is there but you can’t see it. This is the idea that gave birth to the graphic format: by lifting the flap of the image you can reveal the content that is hidden underneath. As if to indicate a silent, stable and secure presence, in every type of landscape, human, industrial or natural.
Then, an invitation to engage an ideal travel along the ‘landscape of Snam,’ to know its world, its characteristics, its values.