Roma: a new idea of dialogue for the city

Our starting point was to give new emphasis to the word ‘Roma’ ’- –a word that is well-known everywhere in the world. Eliminating “‘Capitale”’ from its former name ‘Roma Capitale’, helps to put ‘’Roma’ in the spotlight.
The brand is applied in two ways: the classic logo with the coat of arms ‘’SPQR’ is used for all applications with administrational character, the new logo ‘’Rome&You’ for applications with communicative character.
The logo ‘’Rome&You’’ is accompanied by a new communication programme with the main objective to enhance the multifaceted nature of Rome as well as providing its visitors a warm welcome.
It’’s all about the idea of rediscovering Rome in an authentic way, alongside with all the beauties that this fascinating city has on offer.
Authenticity is the basis for a personal dialogue that Rome has with its citizens but also with its visitors -– people of different geographical origins, cultures and religions, people who like to feel welcomed, people that are happy to have found the right spot where they can just ‘feel at home’’.
Rome&You is a project that highlights the ‘inclusive nature’ of Rome: alive, enjoyable, welcoming.