Octo telematics’ ten-year: the beginning of a new path

The key-values emerged during the analysis are reliability and closeness, vital for a player dealing in high-value services for all its stakeholder. This positioning was epitomized by the claim: ““Reliable. Ten years””.
The new logo celebrating the ten-year is therefore based on a friendly, relationship-wise concept: starting from the earlier mark, a brand-new sign was born, as well through the new chromatic selection, featuring blue and silver. The new logo affirms the value of the strengthened leadership, recalling the idea of supremacy through the amodal depiction of the number “”one”” in the cockade tail.
Originating from the new logo, a whole identity system has been developed for the event, with significant repercussions for the definition of a new identity, especially in relation to the internal audiences, even more valuable in a time of change and growth.