Maxxi, a window on the contemporary

The MAXXI (the Italian National Museum of Arts of the XXI Century) is not just a place that houses exhibitions and installations; rather, it’s a dynamic space that co-creates ‘’contents’’ and aims to be an open window on the contemporary, by exploring it in every form.
Starting from these considerations, gathered by working alongside with the client, Inarea designed a new brand identity, combining the acronym MA, which remains constant, and the letters XXI (21st in Roman numbers) framed in a rectangle, that keeps on changing. Even the official name ‘National Museum of XXI Century Arts’ comes with the brand in a flexible way.
The MAXXI is a unique museum, and a national entity. Yet, it maintains a strong connection with Rome and its roots. This is why, in the design of the new logo, the acronym MA is written on purpose with a stylistic Roman typeface, the “”Feliciano””, and juxtaposed to a contemporary figure, such as a dynamic and ever-changing 16:9 frame, to create a conceptual and visual imbalance, in order to represent and highlight the passage from the old to the contemporary. The 16:9 frame is designed as a real window, which allows you to see every time a different scenario, beginning with a visual that takes inspiration from the structure of the museum, built in concrete.
The constant changing of the frame aims to highlight the ever changing identity of the MAXXI: an open reality, which is always enriched by new contributions.