Local view, global vision

From the famous ‘mustache’ of Autogrill logo, Inarea developed a visual language organized by circular forms: photographic images of different business areas and Group’s activities have been traced to a unitary representation, which unusual approach generates new combination of sense.As in a kaleidoscope, fragments of different images are reassembled to create new visions, combining a fluid narration. The general prevails over particular, as an open eye on the Autogrill’s world that can’t dwell on individual details because it points to a global vision. Autogrill is able to think globally and act locally: the visual language exceeds local and global, to describe them glocally.
According to the information needs of each specific document, different criteria have been adopted for both the iconographic choice (now focusing on the theme of travel, a metaphor of the Autogrill’s universe, now underlining suggestions typically ‘green’) and for the use of color and black and white.