Italo: the new brand for the italian high-speed train system

NTV, the first private operator for the Italian high speed link, launches its new brand that will be in service by early 2012.
A running hare is the symbol which represent the brand. Its sideways on silhouette is directly referred to speed and agility, two important qualities of the service, easily understood by everybody, adults andchildren, Italian and International people. The synthetic line of the sign helps to vehicle strength and lightness, and interprets both the innovative features of new train and the customer expectations: Italo is fast, safe, environmentally friendly and thanks to its performances, makes everything more closely.
The hare is also a synonym of sympathy, playfulness, reassurance, thanks to its character meek and mild. With Italo, it’s the friend who accompanies you during the journey and which you can trust. But above all it’s the main character of a new Italian story.