Inarea marks the new eni internal signage system

The project for the internal office signage was fully developed in agreement with the main corporate identity scheme. Being a “custom made” intervention, both as graphic and as industrial design, is its surplus value.
Graphic is usually applied on previously made industrial signage system, widely available on the market; as a matter of fact, this involves a lack of originality in regard to the physical structures, along with a simpler and cheaper supply chain. This project on the contrary develops original industrial design features for the structures as well, which are eni unique property. Actually every part of the design was engineered in detail, as Inarea accompanied eni throughout the whole prototyping management process, to achieve the best result for the final production. Costs were afterwards streamlined according to the criterions of scale economy, such as a Company like eni demands.
The result is an original system fully consistent with eni corporate identity, which enhances its marking function through the coherence of its symbolic references, concurring in strengthening the identity of the major Italian Energy Company.