Happy birthday enel!

The peculiarity of this brand lies in its evocative power, the ability to move people through a nostalgic feeling. The masterbrand is placed within the framework of a classic polaroid picture, accompanied by the word “Fifty”. A format that brings us precisely in the past, and, therefore, a reminder of the story itself of Enel. It is also a brand that can give rise to an interesting language, by entering, for example, real photos instead of the Enel brand.
Stories by images are so realized, bursts of energy, moments be preserved for the next fifty-year period, memories that have already a little taste of future.
Moreover, a brand makes the best value when it can create “possible worlds”, a set of signs with great consistency inside. Photographing the past to see how much up to now has been made.
It is about rereading the present and rush towards the future.