Gemelli: designing the change

After almost a year since the start of the collaboration with Inarea, the “”Policlinico Agostino Gemelli”” (General Hospital Agostino Gemelli) complete the process started with the events of approaching the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation and presents its new brand identity. A program that wants to give representation to the entire “”Gemelli”” system. It includes both the institutional and organizational framework, with new Poles and the events in support of the prevention activities, called “”Gemelli Insieme””, which aim to strengthen the dialogue between the General Hospital and the citizens.

The new identity, because of its symbolic functions, marks this change and gives life to the deeper meaning of the future that has already begun. The new sign is deliberately simple and essential: a logo, designed in every letter, where the letter G is characterized by three graphical elements that refer to the leaves of a tree, the sun’s rays, the human figure. In a word, to life: the mission of the “”Gemelli””. The slogan that go along with the celebratory logo, ‘Fifty years. Of life’, seeks to strengthen this meaning: fifty years become the roots able to feed and legitimize the idea of the future that “”Gemelli”” tells about. The brand identity thus becomes the backbone of a larger system of communication and relationship with the citizens, which include the development of the signage system, interior architecture, communication on and off line.