From ‘polimeri europa’ to versalis, the new face of eni’s chemical division

The rebranding process started with the strategic definition of the brand name communication main task, namely “what”  has to be expressed by the brand name, accordingly to a global and long-term perspective. The work has been developed in partnership with Beatrice Ferrari, among the leading figures in the brand naming sector.
Afterwards the appropriate lexical typology has been selected, namely “how” the brand name has to sound, in conjunction with the master brand name ‘eni’, and according to its international vision: as a matter of fact, the previous name, “Polimeri Europa”, limited on a geographycal field the business sector of the Company, therefore being no more appropriate to its new extra-European backgrounds.
Subsequent creativity sessions have involved a mixed group, made up of Inarea consultants and members of the board of directors of Polimeri Europa. During these sessions more than one thousand new name have been produced, among whom the finalist name ‘Versalis’ was chosen.
A multi-faceted word, Versalis brings to mind the concepts of versality, free movement, flexibility and direction, all typical features of the Company and of its new structure, highly committed to the fulfillment of the new Strategic Plan objectives and in the whole business transformation process.
The term ‘Versalis’ indeed embodies this new approach, evoking as well universality, widespread presence, stability, safety and security. Thus, Versalis represents a brand name in perfect balance between a strong tradition and the impetus toward future, as embodied by eni principles and eni vision.