Coni. back to the past, announcing the future.

In June, the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) will celebrate the centenary of its foundation. One hundred years marked by a rich medal collection, large enterprises of our athletes and by the genuine and authentic role that sport plays in the lives of all Italians.
One hundred years are therefore a solid basis to direct the future. So, these are been the fundamentals for conceiving the rebranding of Coni, which chose Inarea (once again) to redefine its identity and enhance the anniversary no. 100.
The ‘new’ brand is a result of the famous tricolor shield, usually sewn on the jersey of our athletes: the classic elements are accompanied by new brand languages and a fresh organization of visual elements, in relation to the many different stakeholders.
It is instead an explicit reference to the Olympic rings the celebrative brand designed by Inarea for the centenary of CONI: the number 100, alone or as a container both of the brand and the dates 1914 – 2014, includes references to the logical and emotional values of Italian sport. A brand, designed to accompany the events and celebrative communication, it actually becomes one of the drivers of change, remembering that the future often has ancient roots.