Beyond partnership. a new brand for the international law firm gianni origoni grippo cappelli & partners

A new logo and brand-new Identity system for the Italian International Law Firm Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli & Partners, which undergoes a total brand review, refreshing its corporate identity on the occasion of the entrance of a new partner and the choice for a new trade name. The Firm, leader in the Italian legal market, crowned “Law Firm of the Year” at the 2011 Top Legal Awards for the fourth time in few years, this way enhances  its courses of relationship with all its stakeholder, heading for a new identity, both classic and contemporary.

The new identity system emphasizes uniqueness and confidence; the fresh logo embodies the path followed: partnership – as a main concept, the very base of the Firm’s history and consulting approach – turns itself into a full scale language sign, whose value both functional and  symbolical, like the “@” for the web.

The new typo enhances a classical style, holding a strong link with the Firm’s tradition. The colour orange, hot and dynamic, takes place among the institutional colours, joining the classic blue, a well established element in the Firm’s corporate identity. In the logo, the handling of the sign “&” recalls the values within the internal teamwork and the partnership with the clients. While the whole system communicates sobriety and classic beauty, the original “&” logo  introduces dynamic and contemporary style.

Classic and contemporary, bound up with tradition and projected onto the future, being devoted to partnership above anything else: these are the values that the new brand embodies, for a law firm as Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partner which represents the best of the Italian values around the world, as a model of excellence.