Autogrill wins the ‘oscar di bilancio’ (annual report) 2013

Autogrill has won the ““Oscar di Bilancio 2013″” (an award for best financial reporting) in the “”Listed companies and large enterprises”” category. The award was given to the Group on the grounds that ““the financial report provides an exhaustive picture of the context in which Autogrill Group operates in Italy and abroad and offers full and clear information on the economic and financial management data not only at a consolidated level but also for the single business divisions, Food & Beverage and Travel Retail & Duty Free”.”

The layout of the Financial Reports of 2013 has been one of the value-added elements taken into consideration by the jury awarding the prize, as a key factor of information sharing, especially regarding the Sustainability Report.

The big variety of data is presented with a contemporary and versatile format: the circular elements reassemble the square of the Autogrill brand, communicating the idea of an articulated company composed by single coordinated entities. The visual language embeds the food and retail icons, which are symbolic elements for Autogrill, as well as business areas; also, the functional elements of the Financial Report, including infographics and histograms, have been coherently combined to the new visual identity. So, for example, the watches showing different times remind of those ones in the airports, indicating the different times of the world, but also, at the same time, they remind of the pie charts, employed in the financial reports.