A new layout for iperself, the brand new h24 product array by eni

Eni implemented the Iperself supply inside its petrol stations, with the extension of its opening time to a full h24, 7 days a week service. Inarea’’s design followed two distinctive guidelines: on the one hand to capitalize the awareness accrued by the service during the past years, on the other to strengthen its own identity, enforcing its identifiability and lending back a contemporary look’‘n feel.
The restyling concerned the petrol station fuel islands and half-islands, and their adjacent lanes, including any further related equipment, as the ATMs aside the nozzle.  The design focused on the development of an horizontal format, enhancing the black chromatic palette in order to stress its marking and stylistic value.
The result is a whole brand new identity system, which restores a stronger and more homogeneous product supply identity system, marking another important step forwards in the direction of the rebranding which is carrying on the eni’’s brand towards an increasingly friendly and stakeholder oriented communication.