A new idea for the city of riccione comes to life

The whole set of communications of Riccione Municipality will be regulated and coordinated by a real identity system.
Through the application of this system, the City could finally better define itself in relation to its wide variety of audiences, with a consistent proposition, encouraging the immediacy and the recognition of its messages. Even more, the City will be able to overcome its ‘physical’ borders and act as a brand, as the other touristic areas do, by enforcing its territorial marketing.
The project aims to reposition Riccione, communicating the quality and the versatility of the City and of its surroundings through the enhancement of its history.
The key element of the project is the renewed emblem of the City (introduced in 1922), which has been updated according to the most contemporary ways of representing. Both the authority and institutionalism expresses by the emblem, as the signature of Riccione, are also linked to a ‘personal dimension’ of the City that every citizen or tourist, researches for their own welfare. According to this, we chose to reproduce many metaphors that represent the typical welcoming warmth of Romagna, the sea, the surroundings, the good food, the culture, the sportive activities, the music, the shopping and much moreĀ…… everything Riccione gives you for ‘your well being, always’.