A new dynamic brand for acea

The new Acea brand takes back the chromatic and stylistic elements from the pre-existing logo, bringing it back to a more contemporary style. The brackets are abandoned to give the idea of “openness”, while the institutional color palette is still unchanged and it’s been applied to the new graphic sign: three squares with the classic pre-existing chromatic color, blue, yellow and green, to underline the relation of the group with its respective areas of responsibility, water, energy and environment.The new brand is a dynamic brand, able to bring about a great variety of combination: the three squares indeed, can be displayed in different ways.This modular form, proper of “brand 2.0”, on the one hand hints at openness and fluency, on the other hand it expresses confidence and a constant reference to corporate market.The Acea of the future will be then a reality totally customized and customizable, an innovative corporate identity according to the globally corporate transformations.