A new brand identity for the ‘ex mercati generali’ in rome

The architectural and urban plan for the new multi-functional complex that will rise in the disused area of Mercati Generali in Rome, designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas, combines urban and socio-economic needs with the huge historical and architectural heritage of the city of Rome. This project will be the largest urban redevelopment since the war today.
Inarea realizes the brand and the identity system for the new multi-functional complex. The name “EX” is a clear reference to the past life of this historic Roman site, creating a link between yesterday and tomorrow. The preposition “EX” preceding the words “Mercati Generali”, has a descriptive function, in order to maintain continuity and to respect the tradition, both enhanced by innovation.
Through a sophisticated study of the lettering, the logotype becomes an iconic element, almost an ideogram presenting different levels of reading. The Roman numerals are a first possible reference (“X”, in Roman stands for the number 10, in English it’s the short form of the word “ex”) underlining the Roman glorious past and its extraordinary heritage. For an additional level of interpretation, the vertical logo predisposition is a reference to the map of the Ex Mercati Generali’s area, according to a west-east orientation.
The whole work, from the identity system to textures, through the editorial format, hints about a space that transcends history and becomes a metaphor of the archetypal idea of “civitas” (that stands for the condition of Roman citizenship). A “space made up by time” which becomes “authentically contemporary” because of his metaphysical and immanent being.