A new brand identity for salini impregilo

The building company ‘Salini Impregilo’, resulting from the merger of the two parent Groups, is now claimed as a new world-class brand in complex infrastructures. This is the commitment included into the new brand and ideally signed by thirty-two thousand employees of the Group.
The brand, milestone of the new identity system, synthesizes the new Salini Impregilo’s positioning. Five simple strokes outline the world of the company. Through the depiction of five ‘elements’ – the five continents where the Group is present – is represented a world globe. The sign also evokes a dynamic movement, symbol of growth and expansion, the ‘construction’ of a wider scenario, the idea that becomes a project, a system.
Designing a new brand identity for the Group Salini Impregilo has been really intense, because it was necessary to give representation of an idea of ??the future overcoming the delicate transition of the merger. In this regard, the new brand indicates to any possible stakeholders that the new reality is not the simple arithmetic sum of Salini and Impregilo, but it represents an integration much more important between people and knowledge: ‘one world, one vision, one brand’.