40 countries, one language: design

It’s been several years now that Enel has become a global player. Having built a market presence in 40 countries, Enel has been engaged in realigning its global brands, in order to standardize processes and systems in the various geographical regions of the Group. A single governance, optimized allocation of financial resources, more efficient mechanisms in decision-making, more opportunities in human resources. Inarea has created a new layout style, generating a flexible visual language: a new design standard that unites the visual expression of the different countries, but also respecting their particularities. The so-called ‘mosaic system’ can be implemented across the various media platforms: from forms to advertising, from events to the web.

Inarea also plays an important role in coordinating the transition process of the various identities, which will help Enel to transform itself from a variety of international companies into one single Group, one entity.