Reread, rethink, design, reconstruct the renaissance of a living city. In short, this is the philosophy of the communication plan of ancient Pompeii, developed by Inarea as part of the initiatives for the improvement and enhancement of one of the most renowned archeological site in the whole world.
The project fosters all types of communication: promotional and organizational communication, with a new brand identity; functional communication, with new a signage system, maps and guides, a new website, a new identification system for visitors to facilitate the site entrances and exits; narrative communication , with the production of films showing activities and results of the works on site.
As per the identity, the name was restored to the original Latin diction “Pompeii”, since it has the advantage of being identical in English, being evocative and it allows to highlight its uniqueness. The new brand is inspired by the color and shape characteristics of the decorations in the ‘third style’ in the tablinum the famous Villa of the Mysteries.
Moreover, an accompanying tagline, “Tempus, Life” has also been called, he wants to emphasize that Pompei Antica represents the place where understand the time and life, through the way of enjoying its space and its contents.
Thanks to its high awareness, “Pompeii” also becomes the brand of all sites (Herculaneum, Stabiae, Oplontis, Boscoreale) administrated by the same Superintendent, in order to have a consistent and recognizable brand system, able to drive the overall awareness also of places less known.